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There will come a time when you will seek capital to help grow your business! It is important to understand that you have options, choices and you decide what, how, when, who, where you receive the capital from.


Meet the experts!

Altima Funding Solutions is a strong funding broker with a multitude of trusted lending sources. Every lender has different guidelines and criteria and your business may not fit exactly into that box. Our long lasting relationships with our lenders allows us to make reasonable request and have them granted, such as extended terms, greater loan amounts than you may qualify for, reduced rates just to name a few.

Our compensation is based on funding you and paid by the lender*. This is what we can do for you:

  • Consistently achieve better terms, rates, etc. for you by negotiating one lender against another
  • Quickly place your application with the correct lending source based on lenders criteria means for quicker funding
  • Guarantee a high success rate of securing funding that matches your needs through our vast network of sources
  • Provide a stress-free experience and easy process

Altima Funding Solutions can address and solve your capital needs, thereby allowing you to focus on what matters. Growing your business!


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