Startup Funding: $100K for New Construction Company
Startup Funding A new startup construction company needed capital to execute on contract. They are primed to excel, due to their experienced management team and their ability to execute. How to secure startup funding? They were referred to Altima Funding Solutions by a fellow Mentor. He understood their inability to […]

Startup Funding: $100K for New Construction Company

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In this economic climate it has become increasingly difficult to secure capital because all the traditional sources of funding have contracted to a point that they are almost non-existent. This doesn’t mean you can not obtain funding! But choosing the right funding method for your company is of the utmost […]

How To Easily Secure The Business Loan You Need

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There will come a time when you will seek capital to help grow your business! It is important to understand that you have options, choices and you decide what, how, when, who, where you receive the capital from. Options mean what types of capital available to you. Choices refers to […]

Funding Broker Vs. Direct Lender