Look on ways to Manage Small Business Finance
One of the unavoidable responsibilities for the CEO of any startup company is to provide the initial funds; round 2 funding; round 3 funding and maybe more until investment is secured or revenue is generated, because running out of cash is not an option. But it doesn’t stop there. During […]

3 Unusual Ways to Fund Your Small Business in Arizona

Restaurant Loan: $25,000 for expansion
Restaurant loan Restaurant receives $25,000 loan for improvements to increase seating capacity. Local favorite restaurant in Austin, TX had reached capacity and was losing revenue because customers had long wait times for seating. After reviewing options of relocating and expanding, expansion became the ideal solution. Altima Funding Solutions secured $25,000 […]

Restaurant loan: $25,000 for expansion

altima funding solutions
In this economic climate it has become increasingly difficult to secure capital because all the traditional sources of funding have contracted to a point that they are almost non-existent. This doesn’t mean you can not obtain funding! But choosing the right funding method for your company is of the utmost […]

How To Easily Secure The Business Loan You Need

3 Ways Growth Finance Can Help Your Business – Tweak Your Biz 3 Ways Growth Finance Can Help Your Business To make it as a small business, you need to have incredible guts, ambition, and self-belief. Let’s face it – we can all imagine that conversation with the bank manager […]

3 Ways Growth Finance Can Help Your Business